Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spec Facility

Applying state-of-the-art techniques in mass spectrometry to address important biological questions.

Key services

Mass spectrometry is a very powerful technique which can be used for the analysis of all types of biological molecules. It is used extensively to detect and quantify molecules of interest, even at very low concentrations and in extremely complex backgrounds, but it can also be used in the determination of molecular structure - from precise details of primary structure, to protein folding and 3D structure. It is also the standard means for data acquisition in various “omics” methods (e.g. proteomics, metabolomics…). We work with our colleagues in the 鶹 research groups to utilise the power of mass spectrometry to help understand the molecular processes that drive key biological functions.

We also offer some services to external scientists from academia and industry, including:

  • Consultancy
  • Fee-for-service standard analyses of proteins (e.g. protein identification, peptide mapping, accurate intact mass analysis)
  • Development of bespoke mass spectrometric assays



Expertise & Advice

The 鶹 鶹 Mass Spectrometry Facility staff have many years of hands-on experience, performing experiments using a wide range of mass spectrometry techniques and instruments.  The team can help with all aspects of mass spectrometric analysis including, experimental design, input into grant writing, sample preparation, generating the mass spectrometry data and data interpretation


Mass Spec systems
Mass Spec HPLC system
Mass Spec sample prep

Facility Members

David Oxley

Head of Mass Spectrometry Facility

Judith Webster

Research Assistant

Kranthikumar Yadav

Postdoc Research Scientist

Lu Yu

Deputy Head of Mass Spectrometry Facility